Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me 5 top tips to keep my TigerTurf surface in tip top condition over summer
1. Keep it regular – the key to keeping your surface in optimum condition is to groom it frequently – even more so when usage is increased.

2. Pets – Pets love playing on TigerTurf’s landscape grass with its natural look and feel. Remember to remove any pet waste and immediately hose down the area with water.

3. Keep the surface clear of leaves and other organic matter. Remove as and when necessary to avoid the breakdown of leaves etc. which may contaminate the sand infil, preventing the surface from draining freely.

4. Spot treat grass/weeds with a weed killer as and when necessary – this should be applied separately to moss treatment

5. Enjoy it! The only thing left to do is to enjoy your TigerTurf surface

Can I use TigerTurf for my pool surround ?
Yes, of course! TigerTurf is very versatile and can be put down in a variety of places. As with all of our products, regular maintenance is required, this means hosing down the poolside turf. In doing this, you will dilute the chlorine, which if in its pure form, may cause detrimental effects to your surface and it will void any guarantee you have with TigerTurf.
Accidents do occur, so if chlorine powder is spilt directly onto the surface, make sure all matter is brushed up and removed, and then thoroughly wash the surface down to stop any permanent damage from occurring
What about maintenance?
There’s very little to do to maintain a synthetic turf surface – the main thing is regular brushing to keep dirt and leaves off. Whether it’s a sports pitch or a back garden that’s involved, the costs involved are minimal compared to the maintenance required to natural turf surfaces.

Our Team will explain this in detail