Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great low maintenance solution for your garden area and creates a beautiful appearance all year round.
Installing artificial grass to a small concrete back yard can transform your yard instantly to a green garden area for you to enjoy all year round!
For all of our artificial grass projects we install UK Manufactured Tigerturf artificial grass, we can also supply this for you to D.I.Y – please visit The Grass Centre for more information on this

Our artificial grass range has many features that enhance your garden and other landscaped areas:

No mowing


No weeding


No watering


No allergy-causing grass pollen


No fertiliser needed


Lush and green all year round, in all conditions


Looks and feels like real grass


No harmful materials


Constructed with drainage so it stays dry underfoot


Child and pet friendly


UV stabilised to minimise fading

We have our full range is in stock ready to cut and take away the same day

Vienna - TigerTurf UK

Vienna comes in 3 different pile heights, 26mm, 30mm & 35mm. Dense, soft and plush Vienna feels lush under foot and the two-tone green combined with jute thatch gives the look of a fresh, perfect lawn. If you’re looking for something palatial for your domestic palace, Vienna is the one for you

Vision - TigerTurf UK

Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. Combining a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass, Vision offers a thick, soft and healthy looking surface.

Finesse - TigerTurf UK

Not only does TigerTurf’s top seller Finesse use the varied tones of Finesse Deluxe to create a very natural appearance, it is also shorter in height at 26mm to give it the ‘freshly mowed’ effect. Finesse is great for relaxing days and peaceful evenings in the garden.


Serenity comes in one pile height, 30mm. Serenity features two different greens, light and dark as well as a jute coloured thatch to give to appearance of a real lawn. Long and luxurious, Serenity is perfect for domestic gardens, commercial areas and landscaped areas in schools.

Vision Deluxe - TigerTurf UK

Designed to replicate the perfect lush lawn, Vision Deluxe has a luxurious appearance helped by its high density and 30mm height. This products unique quality is that it is created using three different shades of green to emulate the picture-perfect green lawn.

Golf 18 - TigerTurf UK

Golf 18 is an extremely adaptable product which can be used as greens, offering quality surfaces that optimise performance levels at all times of the year so keen golfers can practice whatever the weather.

Eden - TigerTurf UK

Eden is a unique, omni-directional™ product, creatively made to perfectly replicate natural grass. Eden’s deflection of light and incorporation of moss and hazel colours in the thatch layer make this product extremely realistic.

Finesse Deluxe - TigerTurf UK

Finesse Deluxe is a similar product to Vision Deluxe in that it is very dense and oozes opulence. Finesse Deluxe incorporates several shades of green yarns with a mix of brown yarns at the root to give it the ultimate authentic look and feel of natural turf- all year round.

Golf 13 - TigerTurf UK

Golf 13 is an innovative product that offers unparalleled performance and durability. This is the ideal product for perfecting your putting skills at home or on the range due to its flat and realistic characteristics.

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